The Magic Carpets of Aladdin


Located in Adventureland, across from Swiss Family Treehouse and beside “The Enchanted Tiki Room” are the Magic Carpets of Aladdin! Themed after Disney's Aladdin animated film, the colorful ride fits right into the theme of Adventureland.


The attraction design is very similar to the Dumbo Ride. It is a hub-and-spoke attraction with 4-passenger vehicles (16) configured as magic carpets centered by a giant -- and animated -- Genie lamp.

McKinley Family riding the Magic CarpetsJoelk reports:

"The floor of the boarding and queue areas is nice, too. Terra Cotta style tiles, nicely aged, and distressed concrete in some areas with embedded "jewels".

"Only one camel facing the ride, and he spits in one direction at one level (about mid-level), so you're not going to get very wet on this ride, even if you try. The other camel faces outward in the direction of the Adventureland entrance, and his head moves back and forth."

Boarding arrangements have changed slightly since the attraction opened. The attraction host/hostess has a hand-held counter to tally a precise number of guests. Also, the boarding spiel has been lengthened with the addition of Spanish safety warnings. This pushed the movement control directions to approximately when everyone is already seated.

"The ride was very short. I timed it at 80 seconds, from start to beginning of the landing (when the carpets descend.) A manager said it's the same ride length as Dumbo."


The vehicles are rider-controlled and you can fly your magic carpet up, down or pitch forward or backward. The front control is up and down, the back seat control pitches the carpet forward or backward.

Each seat can hold 2 adults and probably a small child, or one child and one adult.

Look for the water-spewing camels that "spit".


Jasmine and childKids love this ride. It's almost identical to the Dumbo ride.

You may find Jasmine and Aladdin nearby -- check the Times Guide for when they might appear for Meet & Greets.

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The Sunshine Tree Terrace and El Pirata Y el Perico (both open seasonally) are close to the Carpets.

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Agrabah Bazaar - a Middle Eastern open-air marketplace with everything from vases to brass, spices to clothing (including Magic Carpets of Aladdin merchandise)

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The centerpiece is a giant Genie's bottle adorned with characters from "Aladdin," Disney's 1992 animated film.

First permanent attraction with Aladdin theming at Walt Disney World Resort.

Music from the animated classic is featured throughout.

Be careful as you walk by. The camel has been known to spit water!

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin opened on May 23, 2001.