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Resort Map - VERY Large File 
With Designated Smoking Area(s)
Entrance Sign
Approach to Drop-off Area
Drop-off Area
Bus Stop
Melody Hall Check-in Desk I
Melody Hall Check-in Desk II
Check-in Desk Artwork I
Check-in Desk Artwork II
Wall of Music Stars in Melody Hall I
Wall of Music Stars in Melody Hall II
Luggage Assistance Kiosk
Room 2522 Interior (Jazz Bldg. 2)
Beds I
Beds II
Beds III
Bed Headboard/Lights
Washcloth Mickey left by Mousekeeping
Hallway to Vanity/Sink
Tub with Shower Curtain that Curves Outward
Table and Chairs
View toward Front Door
TV, Dresser I
TV, Dresser II
Clothes Pegs
Carpeting with Mickeys
Window Treatments
Exterior I
Exterior II
Exterior III
Jazz Inn Exterior Nightime I
Jazz Inn Exterior Nightime II
Standard Room
TV, Storage, Table, Chairs
Vanity Area
Modified Accessable Room
No roll-in shower
Photos from 2 different rooms
Outside Entrance
Lower "peep hole" in door
Hidden Mickey on the Bed
King Bed I
King Bed II
King Bed III
King Bed IV
Small Sitting Table and Chairs I
Small Sitting Table and Chairs II
View of room from doorway I
View of room from doorway II
Wall art
Looking toward entrance
TV and Dresser I
TV and Dresser II
Coat Hooks
Bathroom I
Bathroom II
Bathroom III
Bathroom IV
Bathroom V
Bathroom VI
Bathroom B-1
Bathroom B-2
Shower Curtain (Hidden Mickey)
Window Curtains
Temperature Controls
Family Suite
Calypso Room 506 - Building 10
Exterior Hallway to Suite
Entrance to Suite
View from Doorway
Table, Chairs and TV Dresser
Table and 2 Chairs
TV Dresser with Drawers Open
Another View from Doorway - TV on Left, Bathroom Straight Ahead, pullout bed on Right
Two Pullouts - A Single Bed and a Double Bed
Pullout Single Bed
Pullout Double Bed
First Bathroom I (off Living Room)
First Bathroom II (Curtain Drawn)
First Bathroom III (Shower)
First Bathroom IV (Vanity)
Closet Area at First Bathroom I
Closet Area at First Bathroom II
First of Two In-Room Safe
View of Kitchenette from Living Room Sofa
Kitchenette II
Kitchenette III
Kitchenette IV
Second Bathroom (near Kitchenette)
Second Bathroom II
Second Bathroom III
Second Bathroom (curtain drawn)
Closet Area at Second Bathroom II
2nd In-Room Safe
Master Bedroom I
Master Bedroom II
Master Bedroom III
Master Bedroom IV
Master Bedroom V
Master Bedroom VI
Master Bedroom VII
Master Bedroom VIII
Master Bedroom IX (with door partially closed)
Master Bedroom X
Exterior I
Exterior II
Calypso at Night
Exterior I
Exterior II
Exterior III
Exterior IV
Exterior V
Exterior VI
Exterior VII
Exterior VIII
Exterior IX
Exterior X
Exterior I
Exterior II
Exterior III
Exterior IV
Exterior V
Exterior VI
Exterior Room Hallway
Shaded Picnic Area I
Shaded Picnic Area II
Room 7530 Interior (Building 7)
Beds I
Detail of Bedspread
Table with Chairs
Closet Area with Iron/Ironing Board
Wall Safe
Room Number with Braille
Exterior I
Exterior II
Exterior III
Exterior IV
Exterior VI
Exterior VII
Garden and Benches I
Garden and Benches II
Exterior Nightime
Singing Spirits Pool Bar Outside
Singing Spirits Bar Inside
Maestro Mickey's Store
Note'able Games Arcade Entrance
Note'able Games Arcade Interior
Calypso Pool
Calypso Pool I
Calypso Pool II
Calypso Pool III
Calypso Pool IV
Calypso Pool V
Calypso Pool VI
Calypso Wading Pool I
Calypso Wading Pool II
Calypso Pool Ping Pong Table
Piano Pool
Directional Signage
Piano Pool I
Piano Pool II
Piano Pool III
Welcome to Piano Pool Sign
Located between Jazz 9 and Calypso 10
Playground Directional Sign
Playground I
Playground II
Playground III
Playground IV
Calypso Pool Laundry Room
Laundry Room I
Laundry Room II
Laundry Room III
Laundry Room IV
Laundry Room V
Laundry Room VI
Piano Pool Laundry Room
(identical to Calypso)
Laundry Room I
Laundry Room II