Jedi Training Academy


UPDATE JANUARY 2013: In light of recent events, the Jedi Training Academy shows at both Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disneyland have been modified to limit even the pretend threat of violence directed at children. Interactions between the Stormtroopers carrying blasters and the children participating in the show onstage are limited, and Stormtroopers now deliver the line, "Halt! Put down your weapon," with a raised blaster and outstretched hand, as opposed to pointing the blaster at the children. At Disneyland, the Stormtroopers enter with Darth Vader, instead of running through the audience with their blasters. These changes will remain in effect indefinitely.


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Do you have what it takes to become a Jedi Knight? The Jedi masters at the Jedi Training Academy will help you find out!


The Jedi Training Academy is a 30-minute session that takes place at the Tomorrowland Terrace. The Jedi Master and his assistants select 25-30 kids from the audience to participate in a light saber training exercise - robes and plastic light sabers are provided. Those who successfully complete the training are proclaimed to be Padawans, and receive a certificate.

Spoiler Alert:
The show begins with a fanfare of the Star Wars music. A group of robed and hooded figures come down the ramp from the restaurant to the stage, and throw back their hoods and robes to reveal that they are Jedi. The Jedi Master performs a short and very acrobatic light saber routine on stage, before announcing that they are looking for those strong in the Force to become prospective Padawans.

The Jedi Master selects kids from the audience, and his assistants outfit them in a brown Padawan robe and they receive a plastic light saber. Ten of the children are up on stage with the Jedi Master, while the rest are on ground level with his assistant light saber instructor. The kids take the "Jedi Oath", and are cautioned to remember the three rules: Remember your training position, Be mindful of your light saber, and No falling off the stage.

Step-by-step the kids are instructed to perform a short light saber routine (don't worry, Anakin didn't get it right his first time, either). The Jedi Master keeps things moving along with an entertaining patter that the adults will also enjoy - including a few "Jedi jests."

Suddenly the Jedi sense a disturbance in the Force, and take all of the kids over to the side. Two stormtroopers run down the ramp and onto the stage, which begins to rise in a cloud of mist...and Darth Vader comes into view. He informs the Jedi Master that he is there to turn the students to the Dark Side, which of course the Jedi Master informs him that he will never do, especially since he is outnumbered. But then Darth Maul also appears on stage wielding his two-bladed light saber.

To prove themselves the students must take on either Vader or Maul, using the routine they have just learned. Fortunately the Jedi Masters are standing by to remind, help, and encourage the kids to follow-through. The entire thing is accompanied by appropriate light saber sound effects, and dialog from Darth Vader and the Jedi Master.

After all the students have had their turn Darth Vader and Darth Maul are forced to admit defeat and the Tomorrowland Terrace stage descends, taking them with it.

The kids are proclaimed to be Padawans, and after they return their robes and light sabers they receive a certificate.


As this is a new show it is quite popular, so those wishing to have a chance to participate should arrive 15-20 minutes before show time, so that they can find a place to stand in the roped-off area on the lower level below the stage - at this point, that is where the participants are chosen from.

The Jedi Master seems to be looking for enthusiastic children between the ages of 5 and 12...and those who are wearing a Star Wars t-shirt or costume are quite likely to be selected - even if the t-shirt shows Darth Vader.

There's very good viewing of the show from the tables at the edge of the restaurant level - grab something to eat or drink from the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant while waiting.

Consult the daily Entertainment Times Guide for performance times.


Tomorrowland Terrace, offering burgers, sandwiches, and snacks, is part of the show complex.

Redd Rockett's, serving pizza, pasta, and salads, is located across Tomorrowland next to Innoventions.

Disneyland Restaurants at a Glance


The nearby Star Traders offers a wide selection of Star Wars costumes, t-shirts, light sabers, and character figures.


The Tomorrowland Terrace stage opened in 1967 as part of the "New Tomorrowland."

The Tomorrowland Terrace has been home to a number of shows over the years, which take advantage of the stage's unique ability to ascend and descend. In addition to the Jedi Training Academy, the Tomorrowland Terrace also hosts dance bands in evening shows on the weekends.

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