La Brea Bakery Cafe
Breakfast Menu
Downtown Disney

Menu Date: May 2013

Breakfast Classics

Smoked Salmon Platter - cold smoked salmon served with a toasted bagel, caper berries, sliced red onions, vine-ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and cream cheese. $15.95

Pancake Breakfast - two pancakes, two eggs any style, served with fresh strawberries, maple syrup and applewood smoked bacon or apple cinnamon sausage. $16.95

Double Dipped French Toast - with two eggs any style, country-style potatoes, and your choice of applewood smoked bacon or apple cinnamon sausage. $16.95

Old Fashioned Favorites

Served with country-style potatoes, organic mixed greens
and choice of toasted La Brea Bread

The Classic Platter - Two eggs any style with your choice of applewood smoked bacon or apple cinnamon sausage. $13.95

Sausage Omelet - A combination of spicy Italian sausage, roasted peppers and sauteed onions. $13.95

Vegetable Omelet - Sauteed zucchini, red onions, roasted peppers, and mushrooms. $12.95

Signature Breakfast

Served with country-style potatoes and organic mixed greens

Croissant Sandwich - Butter Croissant with eggs any style and melted Gruyere cheese served with applewood smoked bacon. $13.50

Croque Madame - Ham and Gruyere cheese on country white sourdough topped with a fried egg. $14.50

Rustique Breakfast Sandwich - Rustique bread served w ith two fried eggs, applewood smoked bacon, red onions, butter lettuce, tomatoes and chipotle mayonnaise. $14.50

Light & Healthy

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Bowl - $6.95

Yogurt - Vanilla yogurt with your choice of fresh strawberries or granola. $8.95

Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal - served hot with fresh seasonal berries, raisins, and brown sugar. $9.25


Coffee, Sodas, Tropical Ice Tea, Tazo Hot Tea, Milk, Hot Chocolate - $3.95
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - $4.50
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice - $4.95
Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice - $4.95
Evian Still Water, Pellegrino - $4.95
Espresso - $3.25
Cafe Latte - $4.95
Cafe Mocha - $4.95
Cappuccino $4.95