Wandering the World

This edition of Wandering the Parks features Guest Photographers CarrieAllie and Paulette Kusmierz!

CarrieAllie experienced the 2005 Osborne Lights at the Disney-MGM Studios.
"It was breathtaking"
Jennings Osborne, a Little Rock, Arkansas, businessman, began putting up lights nearly a decade ago, at the request of his young daughter. (Read our 2002 interview with Jennings Osborne HERE!)

The Spectacle of Lights includes:

-- 5 million lights
-- 32 miles of extension cables
-- 66 snow machines
-- 100 gallons of snow fluid a night
-- 43 hidden Mickeys

Paulette Kusmierz stayed in one of the newly refurbished rooms at the Polynesian.
This room was on the 3rd floor of Rapa Nui. It was considered a Garden View room (but was more like a parking lot view).
The Polynesian Longhouses are slowly undergoing a total refurbishment.
There is no set time table for the renovations. It appears as though the renovations have stopped while the holiday season is underway.