Wandering the World

AllEars.Netphotographer CC spent some time on Main Street USA enjoying the Main Street Trolley Show!

The Trolley Show is basically a morning show -- repeating several times -- the last show is usually early afternoon.

The show always starts with the trolley stopped in the hub area. The performers come out from back stage and get on the trolley. The trolley pulls onto Main Street, stopping between Casey’s Corner and the ice cream parlor. The performers perform and then get back on the trolley.

The trolley pulls further down Main Street. Repeat. The performers perform again, exact same show. The trolley pulls further down Main Street. Repeat again. Exact same show. The trolley finally pulls around Town Plaza, stopping in front of the train station. The performers leave the trolley and return back stage.

One trip on the trolley provides three complete shows.

Since at this time of day most guests are still aiming into the park, most guests are moving the opposite direction of the trolley. They’ll see one performance, then move further into the park as the trolley goes the other way, not realizing that the show repeats just a short distance further and a very few minutes later.