Wandering the World

Many times over the years, we've been asked whether they do anything special for Mardi Gras at Port Orleans. Donna Bertrand found out first-hand this year that indeed they do, and captured the unique celebration in photos for this installment of Wandering the World.

Donna says: Cast Members from each department -- Front Desk, Bell Staff, Recreation, Merchandise, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping and Engineering -- do a float on a pargo (club car/golf cart). (It didn't seem that all departments had floats in this year's parade.) It's been going on for several years, but no one could tell me exactly how many or how it started. They do the judging at Port Orleans Riverside, then parade through the marina area and then come over to French Quarter.

Mardi Gras at Port Orleans

They follow the Carriage Path and then loop around and proceed through the the main area and back over to Riverside... There are prizes for things like most creative, most spirit and, of course, best overall. This year first place was won by Engineering.
The prize is a plaque and bragging rights...

Just like New Orleans, they throw beads, doubloons, candy and other trinkets.
Security threw Chinese finger cuffs!
It was a lot of fun -- one of those WDW special touches.

Spectators Jillian and Jordan,
from Boston, Massachusetts,
rightly earned plenty of beads.