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I have a experience I would like to share, it was at Disney Quest - the interactive build your own rollercoaster and ride it. I did not have a problem building it, but as I am 6'3" and 330 lbs. A man my size just won't fit in the ride on part. The cast member was very helpful and she let me watch my wife on a computer screen.I would recomend that people of size stay away from riding this attraction


I'm 5'8 1/2" and weigh near 290 lb. I have never had any real problem with any ride - except one: Cyberspace Mountain, in DisneyQuest. (You know, the design-your-own-roller-coaster one.)

I designed my track, and waited in line for what seemed to be an eternity. Once I had emptied my pockets, I went to get into the simulator. First problem: my legs wouldn't extend right. I had to sit with my legs crossed, which was a mite uncomfortable. This must to be a common problem, as the cast members seemed to know the drill.

Second, and most importantly: the shoulder harness wouldn't lock into place. I had to suck in my gut (severely) to get it to latch. Finally it locked... then it popped loose! I had to get a CM to help me lock it before it would stay locked.  Supposedly, this is another common problem. The CM that helped me unload told me her boyfriend (a football player, she said) couldn't ride at all, due to his size.