The Czarina's Low Carb Guide
2003 International
Food & Wine Festival

Low-carbers, take heart! the magnificent
Epcot Food and Wine Festival is
now in full swing, and includes many, many low-carb items.
With some care, it is possible to work your way around World Showcase,
eating the tapas-sized portions of exciting fare at the booths,
and still stay on the plan.

Here is your Czarina's handy-dandy guide!


1. FRESH FROM FLORIDA -- At this booth you may sample the Fisherman's Stew, with its fish, shrimp, clams and bacon flavoring. Work your way around the potato chunks, though. You might also try the blackened mahi-mahi-- request it without the pineapple salsa.

2. SCANDINAVIA (outside Norway) -- A big winner here, as it was last year, is the Cold Poached Salmon with Mustard Sauce. Delicious, and very low-carb. You may want to ask them to leave off the cucumber salad which accompanies it as a side dish -- it has a vinegar marinade which contains some sugar. Stop in at Kringla Og Bakeri while you're there, for their superlative chocolate mousse, which is made with Splenda and divinely rich.

3. SOUTH AFRICA -- the Beef Sosatie is a spicy African shish kebab; full disclosure, there is a tiny bit of sugar in each portion (1 tablespoon for 6 servings). However, the protein quotient is very high, so on balance I think it's worth it. And it's a wow of a taste!

4. AUSTRALIA -- Chow down on the lamb chops, pushing aside some of the caramelized onions (no sugar used in the caramelizing, however). Very zesty! You might also try Shrimp on the Barbie, though I would be suspicious of the BBQ sauce.

5. CANADA -- Would that I could recommend the Cheddar Cheese soup, but alas, it's made with a great deal of flour -- beware!

6. COGNAC -- no, not the drink, but the booth has a cheese plate which may well be worth investigation. On my visit, it was a full-bodied Roquefort.

7. GREECE -- By all means grab a plate of the excellent Greek salad (we've had a lot of meat by now!) It is wonderful, loaded with feta cheese, cucumbers and olives. Ask for it without the bread which comes on the side.

8. MOROCOO -- The Kafta Kebab (minus rice) is yet another beef-on-a-stick item, this time with coriander and cumin flavors. The Lemon Chicken is also good; however, it does contain preserved lemons, which may mean sugar.

9. NEW ZEALAND -- Ah, New Zealand! Home for several years of the divine grilled lamb chops and cold mussels with "tomato jam". The jam, you will be happy to know, contains no sugar. And neither, apparently, does the kiwi puree served with the chops. However, the fruit does make it rather sweet; you will find the chops are just fine without it.

10. WINE - If a glass of red wine is allowed on your plan, I suggest trying the fine Australian Shiraz. Enjoy the Festival!