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Friday, 1/27/06 Photos and Reports

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Friday, 1/27/06 Photos and Reports
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Pre-opening Photos


January 27, 2006

AllEars.Net Senior Editor Debra Martin Koma and
Founder Deb Wills can't believe the drop!


Lynn Behr - Georgia
"It was fantastic! Less intense than Rock 'n' Roller Coaster but it's like Ride and Show in one! Big Thunder Mountain on steroids!
It keeps getting compared to RnR and I think the ride itself is
much more comparable to BTMRR."

Stacy - Georgia
"It was awesome. I got the front seat and it was a BLAST! I recommend it to everybody!"

Glo from Miami
"After 4 times in a row, I'm ready to go to the standby line for about 40 minutes to let my stomach settle down. It's a great ride and anyone can do it."

Vickie Kaylor from Maryland

"I thought the ride was awesome, I especially like when... well, you will just have to see for yourself. It's a great ride and I'll go on again!"

Aya, 16-year-old
exchange student - Japan

"It was cool, but I couldn't figure out what was going on. It was dark and I couldn't tell where I was going. Kind of like Space Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland. It was very exciting. It was scary when you go down!"



Cast Member Mike

It was obvious the Cast Members learned some lessons from yesterday and seemed much better organized! The free Preview Lanyard/Pin was available outside the gift shop in several locations.

Cast Members manned entrance areas to Expedition Everest with signs that read, "This Area Closed for your Future Enjoyment."


Cathy from Indianapolis

Just got off - it's wonderful, we had a great time and can't wait to go back!

Shearon Family from Virginia

Jennifer, 13:"We just got off and it was SO SWEET - like fast, like crazy, like awesome! So cool!
Mary (mom): "It was really good and I'm going again, but don't eat a big breakfast!"
Art (Dad): "The ride was great!"
Colleen from Florida: We love the ride! Rode it 5 times yesterday and we're back for more. It's a lot of fun, loved going backwards in the dark, very cool!
Traci (Epcotgirl) from West Virginia: This is the first time we've attended a preview opening of a Disney attraction. I was nervous because Mission: Space made me sick (I have some blood pressure problems). I had no problems with Expedition Everest. I thought it was very smooth, especially when we went backwards. To me, it's comparable to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, only much more exciting!


Deb Wills: 8:30am - Animal Kingdom was MUCH more crowded today than it was yesterday. There was quite a line waiting to get inside the park that started well before 8:30 am (my arrival time). Once we were able to get into the park itself, the crowd went off in different directions. One group headed toward the Kilimanjaro Safari, almost oblivious that Expedition Everest was having previews. The rest were walking very fast (some running) to Expedition Everest.


As was the case yesterday, photo ID along with your Annual Pass or Disney Vacation Club card was required to get into the preview area. Surprisingly enough, there were both DVC and Annual Passholder Limited Edition pins still available... however, the Annual Passholder pin ran out while we waited in line for our vouchers.

AllEars.Net team members and friends

AllEars.Net team members and friends