Carthay Circle Restaurant
Child's World of Color Lunch Menu
Buena Vista Street
Disney California Adventure

Menu Date: July 2014

Child's Lunch Menu - 3 Course. $19


Small Caesar Salad

Roasted Creamy Tomato Soup


Mickey Check Meals
(served with choice of small lowfat milk or small water)

Orecchiette Pasta - tossed with Tomato Sauce

Today's Catch - with Steamed Red Potatoes and Broccoli.

Traditional Mini Crispy Tacos with Chicken and grated cheese

Soba Noodle Bowl - with Beef, Snow Peas, and Broccoli


Single Scoop of Ice Cream
Old Fashioned Vanilla, Chocolate Chunk, or Strawberries and Cream.

Green Apple Caramel Parfait Push Pop
Green Apple and Lemon Raspberry Sorbets layered with Caramel.