Carthay Circle Restaurant
Children's Lunch Menu
Buena Vista Street
Disney California Adventure

Menu Date: July 2014


Small Caesar Salad - $5

Roasted Creamy Tomato Soup - $5


Mickey Check Meals
(served with choice of small lowfat milk or small water)

Orecchiette Pasta - tossed with Tomato Sauce $8

Today's Catch - with Steamed Red Potatoes and Broccoli. $13

Traditional Mini Crispy Tacos with Chicken and grated cheese $10

Soba Noodle Bowl - with beef, snow peas, and broccoli $7


Single Scoop of Ice Cream
Old Fashioned Vanilla, Chocolate Chunk, or Strawberries and Cream. $4

Green Apple Caramel Parfait Push Pop
Green Apple and Lemon Raspberry Sorbets layered with Caramel. $5