Flying Fish
for Kids

by 8 Year Old Alex

I didn't think I would like going to the Flying Fish restaurant. I thought it was going to be a boring, adult-type of restaurant.

I was wrong!

The atmosphere here is fun, with fish statues and a carnival mural.

Our server the night I went was *very* friendly. She told me about the scavenger hunt on the back of the kids' menu, where I could look for different things around the restaurant. (I did that later with my mom and it was lots of fun!) She also gave me a small, fish-shaped ring toss game to play with.

The server also made sure to tell me about the special kids' drinks -- I had the exotic Swirl-a-Whirl, which turned out to be a strawberry colada, with coconut.

The food here is perfect for kids -- there's nothing fancy and not a lot of spices. I had the steak and French fries and they were great! I also had a cupcake sundae with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

I would love to go the Flying Fish again sometime! The food, service and atmosphere here all make it a great restaurant!

Special note: Kids, be sure to look for the Boardwalk Buskers out on the Boardwalk when you leave the Flying Fish! There are some very funny entertainers, like Randy the Juggler, that you can watch for a few minutes before or after you eat.

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