Behind the Seeds
Tour Report

by Carole Davis, October 2005

We finally decided this trip to do the Behind the Seeds walking tour of The Land at Epcot. It was very interesting, topped off by the fact that our guide, Scottie, was from our hometown! If you've ever been on the boat tour of The Land and wondered, "how do they do that?", or "what are those plants used for?", or "how do they grow that?", this tour answers all those questions and more. We even got to sample some of the produce that is shipped to on-property restaurants. Since this is a walking tour, you are walking pretty much the entire time, but you keep moving and it really isn't so bad. I would highly recommend it, especially since it is indoors, during the unpredictable weather of the afternoons.

by Beth Bowers, September 2005

We took the "Behind the Seeds" tour on 9/9/05 at 1:30. I had made reservations a few months in advance (and received my DVC discount), but we could have walked up -- we were the only folks on the tour.

Andy from Alabama was our tour guide - he's there on the college plan and is majoring in marine biology. He told us lots of fascinating facts, and once we were in the growing area, we were allowed to take as many pictures as we wanted.

The tour lasted about an hour to an hour and a quarter and we were walking or standing the entire time, but did not cover that much area. There was a tasting, a scent quiz, pictures of some of the rarer things they grow, and we watched the little alligators gather to hope for some more food. (It was rather disturbing to hear that when they get to four feet, they're shipped back to the breeder they came from to become shoes and handbags.)

All in all, we're very glad we did this tour.

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