Pixies Sighted at WDW
Dalmatian Event

Walt Disney World is one of the best places to celebrate special occasions. Let the pixies create an event for your proposal, birthday, anniversary or no occasion at all during, your trip to Central Florida.

A Dalmatian Adventure for a 10 Year Old Girl

We were at Disney World and had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for your website and All Ears. You provided great tips and through All Ears I learned about Gifts of a Life Time and decided to give it a try to make our vacation one our daughter would remember for a life time.

Jane and her Pixies came up with the perfect event for a 10 year old girl, A Dalmatian Adventure.

By lunch time it was pouring rain and I was worried that our pre-planned adventure wouldn't happen. But the Pixies never let a little rain stop them!

We left the 50's Prime Time Cafe and I led my daughter and husband toward the bench outside where we found a note addressed to my daughter. She was very surprised and said "Who knows my name?" She opened it to find a note: Caity you have been Chosen! In honor of your visit to Walt Disney World you will receive a special present, but you must follow the clues to find it.

Your dad will be your good luck charm and you must hold his hand while you search. Stay away from Cruella Du Ville because she will try to steal the magic from your gift. There was a gift and the first clue. Caity wondered "How many kids do they pick for this?" My husband Tim kept looking at me, but I pretended I didn't know a thing about it.

Caity and Tim were mystified but followed the instructions to go to the Sound Booths, there a pixie gave Caity her second clue. It told her to "spot" a clue on the Star Wars ride. After the ride another Pixie gave her a clue and another gift. This Clue lead us to the Muppets 3-D Movie. At the end of the show the Muppets shoot off a cannon. Another Pixie timed it perfectly and threw a huge ball of crepe paper right into Caity's lap! She didn't even see where it came from. We left the theatre but stayed just inside the exit area to check out the Gift Ball and stay out of the rain. The clue on the ball said to unwrap it carefully and not to rip it or the presents inside would disappear! There were 1,000 feet of crepe paper streamers wound into a ball about the size of a basketball. As Caity unwrapped presents started falling out.

In the meantime, Wendy, a cast member who was collecting the 3-D glasses, came over to see what we were doing. She was very intrigued and had to stay to watch the unwrapping, I think she was having as much fun as we were. Inside the ball were several Dalmatian presents and in the very center a note from me. We had a wonderful time on our "adventure" and it helped make our vacation an event that Caity will remember forever.

If you're going to Disney World soon, try having the Pixies plan an adventure for someone you love its a great way to say I love you, you're special.

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