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I look forward to your newsletter! I have always considered myself somewhat of a "Disney expert," but reading your newsletter I feel like a mere tourist! Thank you so much for providing such useful information. It's greatly appreciated, and I hope someday to take part in a "meet and greet" at Disney with other ALL EARS subscribers. (Sue Kohlert, 4/03)

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful newsletter and the updates you provide about the events at Disney! The information about the extended hours at Cinderella's Royal Table Breakfast allowed me to get a reservation for my daughter and I - a week of desperate 6:58 a.m. dialing did not! When I saw your tip I called
priority seating and was able to get us in our final day at Disney! You made a princess crazy little girl very happy! We are thrilled! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (A happy subscriber, 3/03)

I just want to thank everyone at AllEars for your newsletter! I just used one of your "special offers" and it saved me a bundle! I was able to add 2 extra nights at the Swan to our vacation making it an "even" 7 nights! We can't wait to try out those Heavenly Beds! (Cheryl Wilson, 3/03)

I just had to tell you how much I look forward to your newsletter each week. It definitely puts some "sunshine" into the long snowy winter workdays. This week's review of the Biergarten was especially enjoyable. It's a must for my husband and myself each time we visit Disney World, and your review was right on the money. Thanks again for all the valuable info found in your newsletter. You definitely put a smile on my face each week. (Kathy A. Broadbent, 2/03)

Hi, warmth washed through me as I read your Newsletter this evening. I'm truly happy for your success in the last seven years, the hard work that has been put into your organization is very apparent. I forego the actual Disney site (don't say anything to Disney) for yours. I find it has more information and is easier to find things. Disney is not the only one to spread "Magic" into peoples do you! Cheers. (Mike Downing, 1/03)

I just wanted to thank you for this newsletter. While reading it sometimes makes me lonesome for the mouse, more often it puts a smile on my face as I picture the spots you are talking about. Thank you for helping me relive those memories on a regular basis. (Mary Williams, 5/02)

I became a subscriber to your newsletter several months ago in preparation for our trip to Disney World. I found it very useful and informative. I still continue to enjoy it, even though our trip to Orlando is a thing of the past (we took our children there over the Christmas holiday). We had an awesome time!! (Lori Keaton, 2/02)

We love reading the All Ears each week as we are both Disney addicts. We have traveled there each year since we met. Your newsletter is not only very informative but quite honestly has brought tears to my eyes at times as I read some of the articles talking about finding the magic. Great job all around-Thank you very much! (Susan Knipper, 1/02)

I enjoy this news letter and am glad that you print good and not so good things about Disney. No matter what, I still say it is the only place in the world where you can go and shut out the world and all its problems and have a great time being a kid again!!!!!! (J. Blair, 1/02)

Thanks for this newsletter! It's the greatest in existence! Mike Webb (12/01)

I am so glad to have found your news letter. As a family of true Disney fanatics, it is so nice to be able to connect with people that love it as much as we do. Sometimes I think we can't even have a conversation with another person without talking about Disney World. I have become the local "unofficial" Disney travel agent of all our family and friends,and your web site is always the first place I go to print them out eveything they could possibly ever want to know, and them some. Thank You!!!!! (Nicole Lambert, 10/01)

I just wanted to thank you for your insightful article on Morocco. I have been to WDW several times in the past few years and have always overlooked this pavillion. Because of your article, I plan on spending more time there next trip! Thanks :) (Nicole Streit, 7/01)

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletter. I am a Disney fan and have been to WDW many, many times. But, I am still learning things from your newsletters and look forward to reading them (especially the tips of the week). Thanks again. (DEARIESAPO, 6/01)

Just wanted to thank you for the nostalgia you've brought back as I sit here finishing off the school year...I was able to share my new love for WDW with my assistant principal in April this year. Although I missed seeing things thru the eyes of my boys, we had a great time, and ALL EARS helps remind me of the fun!!! I do appreciate the tips and helping me revisit the memories. (Drondeau )

I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate All Ears. I am a big WDW fan and a former Cast Member of the Disney Store. My wife, Adria, and I have been to WDW several times. Tuesdays are the highlight of my week as far as email goes. I can't wait to read the great info and tips. I told all of my other Disney buddies about the newsletter. Thanks again for the great information! (Justin Trombley, 2/01)

I really enjoy reading AllEars even though it will probably be 2 or 3 years before I get back to the World. I enjoy the selection of articles! Susan 1/01

Receiving All Ears is truly a highlight of my week. Melissa Littman

Thank you for the continued articles - I couldn't go by a week with out them. Our family and extended family are true "disneyholics" and your info is priceless. (Ruth Barrie, 1/01)

I really love the ALL EARS updates and the WDWIG web site for planning our trips.You folks are SUPER! (Connie Suchodolski 12/00)

I really enjoy your weekly news. I'm learning all sorts of interesting things I never knew! (Terri McKeown, 10/00)

I LOVE this newsletter. I save it as new until I need a perk-up at work! (Dorothy Kurz, 10/00)

I loved this issue! I like it when you tell us about new rides, attractions, ect. I look forward to this magazine every week!!!! (PrincessStephy, 9/00 )

I love the All Ears newsletter, and the new Epcot pages you have that I just explored the other day. Keep up the good work. And thanks for providing such an invaluable service.  (Martha C. Johnson, 8/00)

Thanks for a great publication.  I look forward to every article. (Pam Gabriel, 7/00)

Greeaaaatt Ezine Deb!  Keep up the good work!   And thanks for the 'appropriate ads'.. they're useful and I don't have to worry  about anyone in the family taking a look at any of their sites! Thanks again (Nanim, 6/00)

I love your site, and the newsletters really brighten my days when they arrive!  Thanks for doing such a fantastic job all around!!!!!  (Ed, 5/00)

We just returned from our magical trip to WDW. Your newsletter certainly came in handy. Thank You (TKirinovic, 3/00)

The e-zine was wonderful! I'm definitely saving it. Such great, useful info. (ER, 2/00)



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